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The Department makes its educational programs relevant by providing  real-world experiential learning opportunities. As an integral part of the academic program, internships are required in various parts of the Department's curriculum, and encouraged in all. 

Criminal Justice students are required to complete a semester-long, fulltime internship in order to satisfy 12 credit hours. 

Public Administration students are required to complete a semester-long, fulltime internship in order to satisfy 6 credit hours.  

Political Science students are urged to consider participating in an internship for 3-12 elective credits, but it is not required.  

To be eligible to participate in GJS internships, students must:

  • Be a declared major;
  • Have completed ninety (90) semester hours;
  • Have an overall G.P.A. of at least 2.0;
  • Have a G.P.A. within the major of at least 2.0;  and
  • Any additional prerequisites, as per your checksheet

To apply for an internship, you should:

  • Review the detailed information provided on the AsULearn GJS Internships page. This is your one-stop source of info about how to secure an internship.
  • Complete the application (link below). Note that you must be signed into your Appstate Google account when completing the internship application form.

GJS Internship Deadlines (date by which a contract must be generated):

  • Summer Internship - April 1st
  • Fall Internship - July 1st
  • Spring Internship - Nov 1st of the year before

IMPORTANT:  Check agency websites or contact organizations directly to determine internship application deadlines.  Generally, applications are submitted to organizations 10 - 12 weeks before the internship will begin.  However, national and international internships often require additional processing time and some state organizations have early submission deadlines.

Meet Our Internship Coordinator

Dr. May has over 25 years of professional and volunteer leadership experience in the fields of government, public administration, and nonprofit organizations.  She has worked with senior public executives, military, contractors, and Congressional leaders. She is a retired Naval officer and during her career developed expertise in policy analysis, project and program management, human resources, and organizational development.  Dr. May has taught at Appalachian since 2015.  You can read her full bio here.

      Dr. Christina May

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