Useful information about advising and answers to important questions about your degree can be found at the College of Arts and Sciences' Undergraduate Academic Policies page

Once you declare a major in Political Science or Criminal Justice, you will be assigned an advisor - a faculty member who teaches in that program. You are required to sign up for an advising appointment with that faculty member each semester during the three- or four-week advising time that is announced each semester prior to class registration. If you have not received a faculty advisor or do not know who they are, please contact the Administrative Support, Mrs. Sarah Novak for further assistance.

Responsibilities of the faculty advisor include: meeting with students to discuss course requirements and progress toward the degree; providing information necessary for course registration; and addressing issues pertaining to the student's program of study. Overall, it is the faculty advisor's role to provide the student with advice and information regarding University and departmental academic requirements. It is ultimately the responsibility of the student to understand and complete all requirements necessary for degree completion.

Your program of study check sheet can be reviewed here.