Allison Cheswick - Illinois State Police Chicago

img_6193.jpgAllison Cheswick, a senior criminal justice major, chose an internship with the Illinois State Police in Chicago.  During most of the internship, Allison worked with the general investigations division.  She was also exposed to the public integrity task force and the patrol, violent crimes investigations, and gaming board investigations units.  Her assignments included shadowing special agents, assisting with information gathering, case briefings, warrant and report reviews, observations of interviews, and observation of community policing and serving warrants.  She also had opportunities to interact in the courts with judges and state attorneys.  Allison said, “My internship experience was nothing short of fantastic!  One of my favorite aspects of doing the internship was those ‘ah-ha’ moments when I connected the dots of what I was taught in class with what I was working on with the State Police.”