Davey Albertson - High Point Police Department

072d27d8-b11a-4d77-8f92-986376-1.jpgCriminal justice major Davey Albertson completed a summer internship at High Point Police Department, a medium-sized agency in central North Carolina which consists of 250 officers.  Over the semester, Davey worked with the community engagement unit, patrol units, and communications/dispatch.  Davey became intrigued by how the various divisions within police department coordinate to provide seamless protection and services to their jurisdiction.  She, therefore, chose to write her research paper on the importance of communication in law enforcement.  Davey said, “The internship was a life-changing experience.  When I started, I was undecided on a specific criminal justice career.  While being at the police department, I learned that my passion is being out on the streets with patrol.  During my internship, I put in an application and was eventually offered employment at High Point!”