Brendan VanSelous--Trimble Forensics


"My internship with Trimble Forensics was not your conventional CJ internship. Trimble Forensics is a technology company that specializes in developing hardware and software for law enforcement officers for use to recreate collisions in a 3D space. As an intern with them, I was tasked with visiting our existing customers to talk with the officers who were using our products every day to figure out what they thought could improve to make their job easier. I was able to visit three different agencies; Kentucky State Police, Washington State Patrol, and Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department. During my visits at these departments, I got to observe court cases where our software was being used as evidence, go on ride-alongs with different divisions within their departments, test techniques and technologies that we were developing along side those departments, and interview numerous officers about their job. I am more of a technological person so I chose this internship because it would help me understand how a software company works and give me insight as to how working with law enforcement officers from a business perspective should look like. I would encourage every student to take an internship outside of their comfort zone and push the boundaries of a traditional internship because you may never know just how exciting something can be until you are knee deep."