Alicia Shearin - North Carolina Department of Public Safety

Alicia ShearinDuring the spring semester, Alicia Shearin interned with the Community Corrections Section of Adult Corrections in Vance County, NC.  She was provided a challenging experience that expanded her understanding of the Department of Public Safety’s Community Corrections’ goals and objectives. The work introduced her to major functions, including observing office contacts; accompanying probation and parole officers in the field; assisting in the court intake process; preparing violation reports, orders for arrest, and modification orders; and working with office assistants and judicial service coordinators, as well as other staff.

“Interning with Vance County Adult Corrections was such a growing experience for me.  Not only did it improve my knowledge and understanding of the justice system, it gave me a new perspective.  Before interning with probation and parole, I had no relevant work experience within the criminal justice field.  Therefore, I had to learn about probation and parole from start to finish.  The first statement the chief officer said to me when I began my internship was, ‘I am going to send you over to the courthouse for a few days, because you need to see where it all begins.’”