Courtney Bradway

Courtney Bradway

Courtney Bradway graduated in 2015 with a degree in Political Science with a Concentration in Pre-Legal Studies. She enrolled in the Accelerated Program and received a Master’s of Arts in Political Science with a focus in American Government in 2016. 

Courtney is currently a Legislative Correspondent for Senator Bob Corker (R-TN). In her role, she handles all correspondence on behalf of the Senator on health care issues. This includes drafting response letters to constituents, which the Senator ultimately approves, and working with the Senior Policy Advisor to meet with various stakeholders, including, Tennessee businesses, hospitals, and constituents. Additionally, Courtney works with state staff on constituent casework issues, primarily when assistance is needed on the federal level, and  monitors relevant federal and state legislation and initiatives relating to healthcare. 

" As a graduate student, I worked hard to perfect my reading and writing abilities, and I believe that has been most beneficial to my career. Vastly different from writing that was completed during my undergraduate years, during my Masters program, our writing was heavily analytical, and required a lot of front-end research. Now, as an LC, in particular, the majority of my job is to take data, coupled with research and legislative procedure, and draft memos, letters, and outreach emails to a variety of recipients. Learning how to compress a lot of information into a three paragraph document, has been so advantageous, and quite frankly, I believe that makes me much more desirable employee.

Hands down I will always recommend students take a class with Dr. Ellen Key. I completed my undergraduate thesis and graduate assistantship with Dr. Key, and I always made sure to fit in at least one of her classes each semester. Additionally, one of the bigger highlights of my career at ASU, was a class I took with Dr. Ardoin and Dr. Gronke (now at Reed University) to Iowa to study the caucuses during the 2016 Presidential elections. While I never again in my life want to spend 16 hours in a van with with another human being, that was such a unique, and memorable experience. I think one of the things that really sets GJS apart from other departments, is their commitment and attention to students. Every professor I had at ASU, in particular, Dr. Key, Dr. Ardoin, and Dr. Gronke, adopted a new approach to teaching the material, like the trip to Iowa, another trip to Washington, DC, and even incorporating real life policy examples. Even now, post-grad, I'm still in contact with a number of professors, and feel that they're still invested in me and my career."

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