Caroline Sager--DC office of Representative David Price (D-NC4)


A student in the Political Science program with a concentration  in International and Comparative Politics, Caroline Sager completed her internship with the DC office of Representative David Price (D-NC4). Caroline had this to say about her internship experience:  

"Congressman David Price represents the interests of the fourth district of North Carolina and serves on the House Appropriations Committee and serves as the Ranking Democrat on the Transportation, Housing and Urban Development Appropriations Subcommittee, which oversees funding for the Departments of Transportation and Housing and Urban Development.

A highlight of your internship experience: Congressman Price helped found a bipartisan congressional commission called the House Democracy Partnership, dedicated to strengthening democratic institutions by assisting legislatures in emerging democracies; I had the opportunity to learn more about this commission and sit in on a meeting that briefed the Congressman on an overseas meeting with members of Myanmar's legislature. I also had the opportunity to attend hearings responding to political developments abroad, including a hearing of the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Middle East and North Africa on US-Qatar relations, shortly after six Arab countries imposed a blockade on Qatar.

Having hands on experience with the legislative process was invaluable. In general, the daily tasks I had, which included drafting policy memos and letters to constituents, strengthened my ability to conduct political analysis. In any political career, I will no doubt use the understanding of Congressional appropriations proceedings, policy research, and constituent interactions that an internship in Representative Price's office gave me. After graduation, I plan to take steps to pursue a career in diplomacy and continue my passion for studying different languages."

Caroline Sager with Representative David Price