Megan Saxton -- FBI Charlotte Headquarters


Megan Saxton

A student in the Criminal Justice program, Megan Saxton completed her internship with the Federal Bureau of Investigation at their Charlotte headquarters. Megan was offered an incredible opportunity to work as an honors intern  assigned to the gang squad. She assisted federal agents as well as other state and local agencies with cases involving gangs around the area. She had this to say about her internship experience:

"Every day was filled with unique and different opportunities. Although my exact duties are confidential, some of the responsibilities involved updating target files and assisting agents with their cases. As an FBI intern, I learned the daily duties of an FBI agent. I also learned how federal cases work, the role of the federal courts and the US attorney's office within the Bureau, as well as the role of the FBI among state and local law enforcement agencies. My coworkers at the FBI were welcoming and available to answer any questions I had and they also exposed me to all aspects of their duties. Fortunately, this internship can continue as a part-time position throughout the school year, as I has the intent to work full time for the bureau after graduation. This internship has confirmed that this career path is the right one for me and I am excited to see where she will go within the bureau. I am thankful for the GJS department at Appalachian as well as the wonderful faculty that has continuously encouraged her throughout the past three years to pursue a career at the federal level with one of the top law enforcement agencies in the world. I encourage all students who are interested in the FBI as a potential career to apply for their internship today."