Jacqueline McKinney-- Guilford County District Attorney

A student in the Criminal Justice program, Jacqueline McKinney completed her internship with the Guilford County District Attorney's Office in Greensboro, NC.  She had this to say about her internship experience:

Jacqueline Mckinney @ Guilford DA

"While working with the Guilford County DA’s office, I had the opportunity to receive an immense amount of hands-on opportunities working in the courtroom. As an intern, I prepped dozens of cases for trial, and worked on cases ranging from minor traffic violations, to armed robberies, drug trafficking, and homicides. I’ve always known that I wanted to practice law, but I wasn’t sure what practice area I wanted to commit to. I was really passionate about the work that the DA’s office was doing, and this internship showed me that criminal law was type of law I wanted to practice. Not only was I interested in criminal law, but it also fit perfectly with my major, Criminal Justice. Since my graduation, I have accepted a full time position working in the Probable Cause Unit with the Wake County District Attorney’s Office. I recently took the LSAT, and will hopefully be in law school within the next few years, studying to become a prosecutor. "