Erin Bishop--United State Forest Service

A student in the Political Science program, Erin Bishop completed her internship with the United States Forest Service for the summer of 2017. She had this to say about her internship experience:  

"This summer I was a Volunteers and Service/Conservation Education Joint Resource Assistant at the United State Forest Service headquarters in Washington, D.C. I chose this organization because I served as a Resource Assistant last year in Pisgah and Nantahala National Forests, as part of a program which provides a special eligibility certificate in exchange for 1,000 hours of public service. As part of my service, I was fortunate enough to travel to different national forests around the country and attend various environmental hearings at the Capital (yay, pollinators!), both of which I enjoyed tremendously. My Poli Sci studies helped me in my position by allowing me to better understand the legislative process and how an agency adjusts to the priorities of a changing administration. In return, my internship provided me with a chance to meet a ton of inspiring and important people, and allowed me to gain further insight into the pros and cons of working for a government agency."Erin Bishop in DC