Abby Pepper--CRD Associates

Abby PepperCRD Associates hosted Abby Pepper during the spring semester.  This satisfied the internship requirement for Abby’s AppState Master of Arts in Political Science degree.  CRD Associates is a health policy and patient advocacy lobbying firm.  Policy associates and interns attend congressional hearings, conduct research for clients, and advocate for greater funding and changes in policy.  Abby said, “I thoroughly enjoyed my fellowship in Washington, DC, at CRD Associates, a health policy lobbying firm.  I have type 1 diabetes and celiac disease, which require me to go through many of the same processes the agency’s clients have to go through.  So, this made me an effective advocate.  I was in constant communication with congressional staff and got to be right where change is happening.  I heard patients’, healthcare experts’, and scientists’ testimonies on drug reform, health funding, rare diseases, accessibility, and affordability.  I found my space to meet incredible and inspiring people as well as make a positive impact in a patient community I am very familiar with.”