Civil Rights and Justice In the South

Civil Rights and Justice In the South


CJ/PS 3540: Civil Rights and Justice In the South

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Travel Dates: May 13-17 (on-campus) and May 19-26, 2019 (travel days)

Course Summary: The goal of this summer Study Away Civil Rights and Justice In the South course is to familiarize students with civil rights and civil liberties in the United States with special attention to “southern” justice. The civil rights movement in the American South was one of the most significant and successful social movements in the modern world.  This southern movement was the setting for the fight for civil rights and the wider national struggle for racial equality and social justice. The efforts of civil rights leaders, activists and countless protestors of all races brought about legislation aimed at ending segregation, black voter suppression, and many other social and legal injustices which continue to define contemporary politics and criminal justice.

Highlights of the study away include visiting a variety of historical sites and civil rights museums, a tour of America’s largest prison, meetings with academics and practitioners, and unique opportunities to experience the food, culture, and spirit of the south with a week of travel through Louisiana, Georgia, and Alabama.  

Cost: $550 + summer tuition


Tentative Travel Itinerary (May 19-26)


  •  Leave Boone and drive to Montgomery AL


  • The Legacy Museum: From Enslavement to Mass Incarceration
  • Southern Poverty Law Center Civil Rights Memorial Center 


  • Arrive St. Francisville, LA
  • St. Francisville Jail (depending on arrival time)


  • Louisiana State Penitentiary


  • New Orleans, LA
  • Meeting with Voting Rights Officials
  • Meeting with New Orleans Police Department/Court/Probation-Parole


  • New Orleans Cultural exploration


  • Atlanta, GA
  • Center for Civil and Human Rights
  • Martin Luther King Center


  • Return to Boone, NC