Undergraduate Courses - Public Administration

Undergraduate Courses - Public Administration

PS 2160. Introduction to Public Administration

3 credits / Fall, Spring
A general survey course aimed at introducing the student to the theory and practice of public administration. The course includes an introduction to organization theory, personnel and financial administration, and administrative responsibility. The principal focus is on American public administration, but some comparisons and illustrations from other administrative systems are included.

PA 4560. Local Government Administration

3 credits / Spring
Administrative process, management, personnel, budget and finance, and intergovernmental relations in local government. Prerequisite: junior or senior standing, or permission of the instructor. [Dual-listed with PA 5560.]

PA 4660. Non-Profit Management: Links to Governance

 On Demand
Examines nonprofit management and its relationship to governance and public policy. Focuses on the management skills necessary to succeed in engaging in the policy process, leadership, administrative functions, ethics, marketing, and securing funding.

PA 4665. Public Management

3 credits / Spring
A study of the organization and operation of government agencies and their role in policy making and implementation and an examination of the various concepts and theories pertaining to administrative behavior and to the performance of the basic tasks of management. Prerequisite: junior or senior standing, or permission of the instructor. (WRITING; SPEAKING) [Dual-listed with PA 5665.]