North Carolina in Action

NC in Action 


PS 3530/PA 5530 North Carolina in Action (Summer Session 1)

Faculty Contacts: Dr. Jay Rickabaugh ( & Dr. Brian Bulla ( 

Application Form:

Application Deadline: March 15th, 2018

Travel Dates:May 13-16 (Boone) and May 20- 23, 2019 (NC Travel)

Course Summary: A course specifically focused on NC government at the state and local level. This course explores and interacts with the official state actors and institutions that make public policy for NC. Students have the unique opportunity to meet with the public officials and ask them questions about how and why they govern the way they do. NC in Action is a 3-credit course in the Department of Government and Justice Studies and will include classroom discussions, lecture, and a week of engagement with political actors in Raleigh, Blowing Rock, and Boone. This course is subject to rigorous departmental and university standards.  Requirements for the course will include classroom instruction, required readings, participation and a portfolio of written work. Students must participate in all aspects of the class.

Estimated Cost: $400.00 + summer tuition