Other Faculty News

Below are selected media coverage and more that GJS faculty members have recently appeared.


Aleksander Lust, Olga Monacell, Tatyana Ruseva, and Joanna Skrzypczynska discussed Eastern Europe's relations with the United States, the European Union, and Russia at the forum on "Rethinking Europe in a Changing World: Convergence or Divergence?" on March 16, 2016.


Curtis Ryan:

Dr. Ryan's article, "Five years after Arab arisings, security trumps reforms in Jordan" appeared in teh Washington Post on March 4, 2016

Dr. Ryan discussed the shootings in Jordan and other related issues for Jordan and the region at the radio show Background Briefing in November 10, 2015.

Dr. Ryan's article, "Deja vu for Jordanina election reforms" appeared in the Washington Post on September 2, 2015.

Dr. Ryan who was on NPR on January 28, 2015 for an extended interview with the Ian Masters show which is syndicated across the country. His interview examined the hostage situation in Jordan where the government has agreed to negotiate with the so-called Islamic State. 


Ike Udogu:

Dr. Ike Udogu, faculty fellow and professor in the Department of Government and Justice Studies, presented a paper titled “Applying Colin Powell’s and Abraham Lincoln’s Theories on Leadership to Africa’s State of Affairs: Some Pointers for Africa’s Leaders” at the 24th Annual Conference of the Global Awareness Society International (GASI) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in May 2015. This paper is published in GASI’s Proceedings. http://organizations.bloomu.edu/gasi/2015%20Proceedings%20pdfs/UdoguFinalGASI%20PROCEEDING%20CONFERENCE%20-%20PHILLY%202015%205.pdf

Udogu also chaired a panel titled “Theorizing Africa: Economy, Philosophy, Politics” at the 33rd conference of the Association of Third World Studies held in Quito, Ecuador, Nov. 22-24, 2015. He also presented the paper on “Conflict Resolution in African Politics.

Presented the paper, “Human Rights and the Democracy Project in Africa: Moving the Continent Forward in the 21st Century” at the 22nd meeting of the Global Awareness Society International, St. John’s University, Vatican City, Rome, Italy, in May 2013. His paper is published in the GASI Proceeding

His book, Liberating Namibia: The Long Diplomatic Struggle between the United Nations and South Africa (Jefferson, McFarland & Company, Inc. Publishers, NC., 2011) was recently ranked one of the top 10 books on the History of Namibia and top 20 books on the Amazon's best seller list 

E. Ike Udogu was one of the recipients of the 2012 Topp's African-centered Scholars of the Decade Award


Adam Newmark:

NPR article, "Surprised about Donal Trumph's popularity? You shouldn't be",  references Dr. Newmark's research on motivated reasoning (December 11, 2015). 


Curtis Ryan, Renee Scherlen, and Aleksander Lust:

Discussed Russian foreign policy and international relations on a panel on "The Empire Strikes Back?  Resurgent Russia in World Affairs" (November 19, 2015).

Discussed the rise of ISIS and the regional and global responses to it at a forum on "What is ISIS and what should be done about it?" organized by the ASU chapter of Amnesty Internationa (October 22, 2014).

Discussed the war in Syria at the public forum on "Conflict in Syria" at App State (September 30, 2013).


Cary Fraser:

Dr. Fraser's articles, "Donald Trump and the Republican Descent into Xenophobia", and  "US "Original Sin" and the 2016 Presidential Election" appeared in Truthout (October 11 and May 18 2015, respectively).


James Barnes, Curtis Ryan, and Aleksander Lust discussed the causes and consequences of the refugee crisis in Europe at a panel on "Europe's Migration Crisis" organized by the Global Studies Program on September 16, 2015.


Nancy Love:

Print article on how "Education can help counter hate music's appeal" (ASU news 4/17/2014)

Nancy Love was interviewed on hate music (Break Thru Radio, May 1, 2014)

Radio interview on hate music and politics (WMUK, March 12, 2014)


Aleksander Lust:

Gave a lecture on what European integration means for China at Central South University in Changsha, China (January, 2014)


George Ehrhardt:

Concluded that voter suppression didn’t happen in Boone elections according to his empirical analysis (High Country Press, December 11, 2013)


George Ehrhardt and Yongbeom Hur:

Interviewed on North Korea's current situation, future scenarios, and more (App 1800 News Show at WASU radio, April 8, 2013)


Matthew Robinson: 

The Boone Town Council passed his resolution calling for abolition of capital punishment and commutation of death sentences in North Carolina (March 21, 2013)

Matthew Robinson was interviewed on the drug war (The Huffington Post, August 28, 2012)


Jeff Holcomb and Marian Williams:

Civil asset forfeiture and federal equitable sharing (ASU News, November 25, 2012)