Publication News (Articles)

Selected journal articles and book chapters  that have been recently published by our faculty members (updated on January 28, 2016)

Lust, Aleksander.  Forthcoming.  Broken Rails: The Privatization of Estonian Railways. Post-Communist Economies

Lust, Aleksander.  2015.  Online Voting: Boon or Bane for Democracy?  Information Polity 20 (4)

E. Ike Udogu. 2015 “General Introduction,” in E. Ike Udogu (ed.), Imagining the United States of Africa: Discourses on the Way Forward. Lanham, MD: Lexington Books. 

Ruseva, T., Evans, T., and Fischer, B. Forthcoming. Variations in the social networks of forest owners: The effect of management activity, resource professionals, and ownership size. Small-scale Forestry

Robinson, Matthew B. Forthcoming. Media coverage of policing. Journal of Police Science.

Pardue, Angela, Matthew B. Robinson, & Bruce Arrigo. 2013. Psychopathy and Corporate Crime: A Preliminary Examination, Part Two. Journal of Forensic Psychology Practice 13 (2).

Potter, Michael R. Forthcoming. Contemplating Virtue Ethics in Agency Oversight: The Case of the West Virginia Legislature. Global Virtue Ethics Review.

Ruseva, T., and Fischer, B.C. 2013. Public-private interactions in the conservation of private forests in the United States.  In E.S. Brondizio & E. F. Moran (Eds.), Human-environment interactions: Current and Future Directions (pp: 141-164). Newark, NJ: Springer.

Sambuddha Ghatak and E. Ike Udogu. 2012. Human Rights Issues of Minorities in Contemporary India: A Concise Analysis. Journal of Third World Studies. Vol. 29, No. 1 (Spring 2012): 203-230

Love, Nancy S. 2012. Privileged Intersections: The Race, Class, and Gender Politics of Prussian Blue. Music & Politics 6:1, n.p.,

Love, Nancy S. 2013. Ani DiFranco:  Making Feminist Waves in Political Rock:  Popular Musicians Who Changed the World, eds. Mark Pedelty and Kristine Weglarz. New York, NY:  Ashgate Publishers.159-176. 

Freiburger, T., Marcum, C.D., Iannacchione, B., & Higgins, G. 2012. Sex offenders and criminal recidivism: An exploratory trajectory analysis using a Virginia sample. Journal of Crime & Justice, 1-11.

Robinson, Matthew B., and S. Roh. 2013. Spatial Aspects of Campus Crime at a Regional Comprehensive University. Campus Crime: Legal, Social, and Police Perspectives (3rd Ed.), Edited by John Sloan and Bonnie Fisher. Springfield, IL: Charles Thomas Publishing.

Hur, Yongbeom. 2013. Racial Diversity, Is It a Blessing to an Organization? Examining the Effects of Workforce Diversity in Municipal Police Departments. International Review of Administrative Sciences. 79 (1): 149-164

Hur, Yongbeom, and Ruth Ann Strickland. 2012. Diversity Management Practices and Understanding Their Adoption: Examining Local Governments in North Carolina. Public Administration Quarterly 36 (3): 380-412.

Hartman, T. K., & Newmark, A. J. 2012. Motivated reasoning, political sophistication, and associations between President Obama and Islam. PS: Political Science and Politics.

Robinson, Matthew B. 2011. Is Capital Punishment Just? Assessing the Death Penalty Using Justice Theory. Journal of Theoretical and Philosophical Criminology 3 (2): 27-66.