Publication News (Articles)

Selected journal articles and book chapters  that have been recently published by our faculty members (updated on January 27, 2015)

E. Ike Udogu. 2015 “General Introduction,” in E. Ike Udogu (ed.), Imagining the
United States of Africa: Discourses on the Way Forward. Lanham, MD: Lexington

Ruseva, T., Evans, T., and Fischer, B. Forthcoming. Variations in the social networks of forest owners: The effect of management activity, resource professionals, and ownership size. Small-scale Forestry

Robinson, Matthew B. Forthcoming. Media coverage of policing. Journal of Police Science.

Pardue, Angela, Matthew B. Robinson, & Bruce Arrigo. 2013. Psychopathy and Corporate Crime: A Preliminary Examination, Part Two. Journal of Forensic Psychology Practice 13 (2).

Oh, Y., I. Lee, & C. Bush. Forthcoming. The Role of Dynamic Social Capital on Economic Development Partnerships within and across Communities. Economic Development Quarterly.

Potter, Michael R. Forthcoming. Contemplating Virtue Ethics in Agency Oversight: The Case of the West Virginia Legislature. Global Virtue Ethics Review.

Ruseva, T., and Fischer, B.C. 2013. Public-private interactions in the conservation of private forests in the United States.  In E.S. Brondizio & E. F. Moran (Eds.), Human-environment interactions: Current and Future Directions (pp: 141-164). Newark, NJ: Springer.

Sambuddha Ghatak and E. Ike Udogu. 2012. Human Rights Issues of Minorities in Contemporary India: A Concise Analysis. Journal of Third World Studies. Vol. 29, No. 1 (Spring 2012): 203-230

Love, Nancy S. 2012. Privileged Intersections: The Race, Class, and Gender Politics of Prussian Blue. Music & Politics 6:1, n.p.,

Love, Nancy S. 2013. Ani DiFranco:  Making Feminist Waves in Political Rock:  Popular Musicians Who Changed the World, eds. Mark Pedelty and Kristine Weglarz. New York, NY:  Ashgate Publishers.159-176. 

Freiburger, T., Marcum, C.D., Iannacchione, B., & Higgins, G. 2012. Sex offenders and criminal recidivism: An exploratory trajectory analysis using a Virginia sample. Journal of Crime & Justice, 1-11.

Robinson, Matthew B., and S. Roh. 2013. Spatial Aspects of Campus Crime at a Regional Comprehensive University. Campus Crime: Legal, Social, and Police Perspectives (3rd Ed.), Edited by John Sloan and Bonnie Fisher. Springfield, IL: Charles Thomas Publishing.

Hur, Yongbeom. 2013. Racial Diversity, Is It a Blessing to an Organization? Examining the Effects of Workforce Diversity in Municipal Police Departments. International Review of Administrative Sciences. 79 (1): 149-164

Hur, Yongbeom, and Ruth Ann Strickland. 2012. Diversity Management Practices and Understanding Their Adoption: Examining Local Governments in North Carolina. Public Administration Quarterly 36 (3): 380-412.

Hartman, T. K., & Newmark, A. J. 2012. Motivated reasoning, political sophistication, and associations between President Obama and Islam. PS: Political Science and Politics.

Robinson, Matthew B. 2011. Is Capital Punishment Just? Assessing the Death Penalty Using Justice Theory. Journal of Theoretical and Philosophical Criminology 3 (2): 27-66.